Bushell & Scott are delighted to announce that we now offer state-of-the-art dust-free sanding solutions on every job.

We take pride in creating a flawless, professional finish in all aspects of our painting and decorating, and in order to achieve this, every surface to be painted must first be filled and sanded down to a smooth base. Traditionally this is done by hand and can create a huge amount of fine dust which once airborne can seem to spread over everything and can sometimes take days to settle.

What is dust-free sanding?

Now using the most advanced dust-free sanding equipment, we are able to greatly reduce mess, save time, and create a healthier environment for everyone on site. Whether working by hand, or using power sanders, dust is extracted efficiently via a vacuum directly into an extraction unit, ready to be disposed of safely. All that’s left is a beautiful finish and a very satisfied customer!